About nervapax

Our story starts in 2022 when we, Fridel and Meike, met on the neurosurgery ward at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark as part of the BioMedical Design Program, where we got to know our first cluster headache patients. Through many observations, conversations, and interactions with patients, clinicians, and relatives we learned more about this debilitating disease, the control it takes over people’s lives, and the lack of a good preventive treatment option.

In order to change this, we founded nervapax in 2023. Since then, we have raised over 1.2M DKK (160.000€) in soft funding, participated in Denmark’s leading accelerator for hardware startups – Danish Tech Challenge, and kickstarted the development of our device and our business.

From the start, our efforts have been fuelled by the patient and centred around them, therefore we love to hear from people living with cluster headache and highly value their feedback. In September 2023 we had the chance to meet many patients in person at the annual Clusterbusters meeting in Disney Springs, Florida.

Our vision is a future where all cluster headache patients can participate in every aspect of normal life such as go to work, be with their loved ones, and simply catch a good night's sleep - without fear of the next attack.

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